Frequently Asked Questions


2023 Essay Contest

Can students who are 10 or 19 on May 31, 2023, participate in the 2023 ABMF Past is Prologue Essay Contest? 

Participants must be 11-18 years of age on May 31, 2023, to participate in the 2023 ABMF Past is Prologue Essay Contest. If a participant turns 19 prior to or is only 10 years old on May 31, 2023, they are not eligible to participate.

Can I submit an essay through my school communication portal?

All essays must be submitted in a PDF format and added as an attachment to an email sent to [email protected] or mailed and received no later than MDT on May 31, 2023. We cannot access documents that are sent through school district communication portals. Participants must include their completed application. If participants do not have the ability to form fill or scan the completed application, we can accept a photo of the completed application that is legible. Photos of essays will not be accepted.

How will I know if ABMF has received my submitted essay?

You will receive an email confirmation that we have received the essay. If you do not receive a confirmation, please resubmit your essay to [email protected] no later than midnight MDT on May 31, 2023.