Do I need to submit an application? Yes, a completed application with an adult editor and parental permission is required to participate in the ABMF Past is Prologue Essay Contest. Applications can be submitted early to indicate your plan to participate but must also be included with the essay upon submission.

Do I need to have an Adult Editor? Yes, each student must have an adult editor. This person may be a parent, teacher, young adult sibling or other adult. The role of the editor is to help steer research activities, support the development of the essay theme, check grammar, spelling and punctuation, and to facilitate a conversation to answer two mandatory questions that must be addressed in the essay:

  • What lessons from this specific past event are useful for us today?
  • How would your life be different if Americans had not fought and died, i.e., what is the relevance of those who fought and died to your life and future?
  • The adult editor must certify that the essay was written by the student.

    Can I participate if I work for ABMF or ABMC? ABMF and ABMC employees, their children, and grandchildren are not eligible to participate in the ABMF Past is Prologue Essay Contest.